Resinbound Stone

Resin bonded stone aggregate can be overlaid onto new or existing concrete or tarmac surfaces to create a natural looking driveway, walkway or patio.

There are a range of colours and sizes of aggregate which can be mixed or used separately to create your own individual bespoke stone surface, also a choice of cobblestones or block paviours can be used to create edgings and borders to enhance the overall design.

As a company with a longstanding reputation for quality we would recommend the Resin Bound System where the aggregates are mixed on site with resin and trowelled onto the prepared surface at a thickness of approx 20mm.

The cheaper option is Resin Bonding, where resin is applied to the prepared area and aggregates are cast onto the surface, any excess is removed after curing.

Existing services to be overlaid would need to be cleaned, any cracks repaired, drainage, manholes, edgings etc installed, prior to resin application. Alternatively we can provide a full excavation (if your existing driveway is unsuitable to be overlaid) and install a concrete sub base.

The system can be contrasted with our cast concrete stone for complete individuality (see cast stone gallery).

Please call for a site consultation, as the varied options will enable you to create a unique bespoke beautiful driveway.